SEO that Increases revenue


Search engine optimization has grown tremendously in over a decade and a half. In its early stages SEO consultants used to submit the URL of the website which had some basic (single page) content and it used to rank for keywords.


Welcome post 2013, the world has changed and SEO game changes with every Google update. They give the names of these updates based on the cutest animals such as Penguin and Panda. These updates have had tremendous effect on the search engine rankings of many websites.


SEO is an ever-growing market where we learn something new every day.


If you want to build a 100 storey building, make the foundation strongest.


We evaluate old websites and create the pressure points so that we can improve the website to get better rankings.


Many times clients ask for a new design when going with our SEO service because they want a comeback or brand new introduction to the internet world.


Imagine your Jacket or Skirt is torn from behind and everyone is laughing at you because you do not know about it.


The people who are laughing are your competitors and you do not know what is going on with the backend of your website and advertising.


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