Our Clients

Our clients are mainly small business who would like to enter the World Wide Web and get an online exposure. They might already have a basic website, which does not drive customers, or they will be new business.

Our client needs are varied, if any one of below listed needs are best match for your business then call us or email us to discuss how we can create magic together.


  • To build websites which delivers the core message of the business and attracts the user
  • Driving customers to their business thought website
  • To get leads, Mobile numbers, email address, newsletter subscriptions and sales of their service/products
  • To get fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • Scalable to meet future growth of the business
  • To be visible on search engine ranking pages for specific search queries
  • Get more visitors and sales with online advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook.
  • To build android app for a service, product or store.
  • Build great wordpress blogs and custom Plugins.
  • To build custom software for their business needs

We also go for a non-disclosure agreement with our clients who would like to remain private.

Fun fact: we believe that not every client is best match for our company. Therefore, we choose carefully with whom we can work with and make a great rapport; after all creating magic is not an easy task.

The reason we choose clients carefully is that we do not believe in one-size fits all. We cannot make everyone happy but we can choose whom we can make happy and that what we would like to do it. We hope you will understand this and excuse if we deny your request for an agreement.